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Alex Grosby

Trivia Makeover 2017

Hey there. I’m Alex. Most of you reading this probably don’t know me. Hopefully some of you do. I’ve been hosting Iron Horse Trivia in Ellensburg for about half a year now. I’ve done, at least, a fair enough job to not get fired. Seeing the ebb and flow of the different sessions, one thing’s… Read more »


Trivia Lowlights

*Originally written by Sarah Clark Because there are too many “Top 5” lists on the internet right now. The low five things about fall trivia. Too much game not enough player. This one time I tried to date 5 guys at once and they all met me for dinner, and I wondered why I was… Read more »


Adios River. Hello New Person.

*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit It’s the end of an era. Our man Daniel ‘River’ Rios has decided to hang up his trivia microphone and pass the torch to someone a little less handsome and a little more excited by the idea of finding interesting and relevant pieces of trivia. We will mourn… Read more »