Connie Morgan

Gettin’ Handsy

Handshakes. For a working person they’re a part of daily life. Most people probably don’t think anything of them. By most people I mean most men. Handshakes get weird with women. Here are the weirdest things that happen when women try to shake hands with men. The Noodle Hand – I have watched a man… Read more »


Women are Good for Your Beer

*Originally written by Ashley Stevens It’s a common belief that the world of beer is dominated by men, beards, and man buns. Sure, females are few and far between in the craft beer industry, but we are far less uncommon when compared to previous years. Working as a saleswoman has enlightened me as to why… Read more »

Rikki Welz

Guten Nachmittag, y’all!

I own a for-realzies-German dirndl. This fabulous piece of clothing encouraged me (though does not legitimize my knowledge) to lecture you, dear reader, on the fabulous event and beer style called Oktoberfest. It all started back in 1553, when Duke Albrecht the V of Bavaria decreed that no brewing shall occur between the Feast of… Read more »