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The following is a summary of a word for word account of a day in the life of Iron Horse Brewery’s Marketing Department. Or we made it up. But we mean it.


Tuesday 12.17.2013 9:42am

T: Hey, Jared?

J: Yes, Tess?

T: You in the middle of something?

J: Of course not. When do I ever do work?

T: Well, I was just thinking about Kimmy Gibbler .

J: Fo realz!? I was just thinking about her the other day.

T: Of course you were. Does a week go by that anyone isn’t thinking about Kimmy Gibbler of Tv’s Full House?

J: Tyson told me he used to rock spandex like Kimmy’s.

T: Man, I learned so much about  life from The Gibbler.

J: Don’t I know it.

Tuesday 12.17.2013 9:44 am

J: Hey Tess?

T: Yes?

J: You busy?

T: Of course I am, you have me doing all your work.

J: But I have Paul Pfeiffer on the mind and I just need to dish about it.

T: Dish away.

J: I was just spending my  work day on Wikipedia, like usual, and discovered that Paul was the only Wonder Years character without his own wiki page.

T: That’s a crime!

J: Don’t worry. I’m working on one.

Tuesday 12.17.2013 9:45am

T: Jared, do you like this hat I’m wearing?

J: For sure. The sunflower in the middle of your forehead is really tasteful. And what is that? Denim?

T: Oh yes. I’ve decided that I deserve a really classy makeover, ya know? I’m going for the Blossom  look. Six Lemeure really had  excellent taste.

J: You know when I was not a waiter in LA, I used to impersonate Joey Lawrence.

T: Really?

J: woah!

T: Spot. On.

J: Is it five o’clock yet?


And that concludes our fictitious, but rooted-in-truth, dialogue.

Why did we bore you with this?  Because we want to say thank you. Not to you, but to all of those actors who played our favorite sidekicks…..and there’s only one way we  know how to say it.  beer. Oh. and twitter.

We have a list of 18.35 of the best tv sidekicks of the 80’s and 90’s who we want to personally, via the internet, thank the Iron Horse way because A) they deserve it. Sidekicks are better than main characters. Duh. And 2) because the thought of Kimmy Gibbler tweeting a picture consuming an Irish Death gives us goosebumps. That might be weird. We hope that’s not weird. Or maybe we hope it is weird.

So that’s where we decided to start the thanking: Kimmy, Paul, and Six.

With a little twitter persistence, the hashtag #ThankASidekick, and your help we think that maybe these most famous of sidekicks will hear our ‘thank yous.’

We need you to retweet our pleas to be heard and to tag our sidekicks in your own posts using #ThankASidekick.  If we reminisce about our favorite episodes, show how much we really do love these characters, and pester them enough they may, so graciously, allow us to give them beer. This seems like a no-brainer. Be showered with twitter admiration. Say yes to the gift of beer.

All we want this holiday season is to be able to thank a sidekick.

Follow us @ironhorsebeer

Follow Kimmy Gibbler/Andrea Barber @andreabarber

Follow Paul/Josh Saviano @joshsaviano

Follow Six/Jenna Von Oy @jennavonoy

And for your viewing pleasure.. our sidekicks:

kimmypaulblossom and six

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