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The 7 Best Craft Beer Podcasts To Download

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The 7 Best Craft Beer Podcasts To Download


Podcasts are a great way to pass the time while you’re on the road, doing yard work or cracking open a cold one. They can elevate a mundane task into something bearable simply by engaging your brain about your favorite topic and ours – beer.

Here is a list of 7 beer podcasts that we think are worth a listen. Crack open a cold one and start listening!

  1. Good Beer Hunting
    This beer podcast features tidbits about the craft beer business told from the many different sides. The host Michael Kiser interviews a range of professionals and hobbyists in the craft beer industry, shining a light on the people behind the brews.
    7 best beer podcasts
  1. The Beerests
    If you want to learn more about different beers from around the world this beer podcast might be for you. Each week The Beerests meet to taste, discuss and judge five different beers from all over the world. This show is a good way to learn about what beers you should be trying. Grab one of the beers they are drinking, take a listen and see if you agree with their take on the beers.7 best beer podcasts
  1. Nerds on Draft
    If you like tech and beer (which we hope you do because you’ve read this far and you are probably reading it on your fancy schmancy smartphone) then this is the beer podcast for you. Hosts Gabe and Jeff merge craft beer, tech and all things nerdy into one intellectually satisfying beer podcast.7 best beer podcasts
  1. True Crime Brewery
    This podcast is all about beer and… you guessed it,  true crime. Dick will start the episode off with a beer lesson, and will review a beer from the region where the crime occurred. Then Jill will lead off the true-crime discussion. The True Crime Brewery podcast is great for true crime addicts and beer lovers alike.7 best beer podcasts
  1. Strange Brews
    This podcast ended in 2015, but we recommend going back to the beginning to listen to older episodes. Strange Brews features interesting interviews with brewers, artists and craft beer lovers. Strange Brews was created by Chicago’s public radio station, WBEZ.


    7 best beer podcasts

    1. Brewnomics
      If you are looking for a podcast that will give you information about beers along with some laughs then check out Brewnomics. The Brewnomics guys drink and review beer and talk about upcoming comic book movies with some jokes in between. It’s fun, conversational and you’ll feel like you’re in the room hanging out with them. Plus we did a crossover episode with them when we all met up in Boise for the Iron Horse Brewery St. Paddy Day .5K Boise Edition. Join us at next year’s event.

7 best beer podcasts

  1. Girls, Beers, Sports
    This beer podcast is exactly what the name says it is – a conversation with girls about beer and sports. It offers a unique perspective that is sometimes missed in the industry. And what goes better than sports and beer? Seriously, we want to know. Because right now we can’t think of anything. Click here to tell us what sportsball thing we should sponsor.7 best beer podcasts
  1. Did you actually think we would stick to only 7 podcasts? Well, we didn’t because we don’t like being told what to do. Also because we haven’t yet mentioned our favorite beer podcast, Life Behind Beer, which happens to be our own podcast.Life Behind Beer – A podcast by Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg, WA. This beer podcast takes listeners behind the curtain on the weekly ups and downs of a regional brewery while working to spread the magic of indie beer. We try new beers, dispel beer myths and talk about industry trends. (Yes, this is our podcast and we are shamelessly promoting it. Please give us a listen and a review so we know what you liked and what we need to work on.)

7 best beer podcasts

Are there any beer podcasts you think should be on this list? Have you heard of any other breweries producing a podcast about the ups and downs of the brewery worklife?


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One Comment

Greg schell
August 18, 2019 8:53 pm

Hey guys. Love Irish death by the way. I have been a home brewer for almost 2 years now. I have gotten great info and learned to brew listening to podcast mostly. Here are some of the obvious and one most folks haven’t heard of. Brewing networks line up but mostly the Brew Strong show with Jamil Z and J. Palmer. Basic Brewing Radio. Experimental Brewing, and my new favorite is Come and Brew it radio by Texas Brewing Inc. They are a pro and home brew supply store. They have a general podcast and a new one called final gravity which one of the regular hosts get together with a grand master judge and breakdown and judge listener homebrewed beers that get sent in.
Thanks guys, hope that helps.

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