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Double Rainbow


7.4% ABV

Eureka! The hop and sentiment! A slightly sweet malt base is mashed together with Eureka hops creating a perfect malty-hoppy balance, akin to seeing a double rainbow after a rainstorm or on YouTube.
Draught and 6-Packs
January - April


The Beer's Story

Double Rainbow Inspired by a Vision
This craft beer was inspired by a famous youtuber by the name of YosemiteBear. His real name was Paul Vasquez. His enthusiasm in witnessing a double rainbow took the internet by storm in 2010. Sadly, Paul passed away in 2020 at the age of 56. This craft beer is a living testament to showcase enthusiasm and joy, as you feel it. Life is short.



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Fan Photos of Double Rainbow

Did anyone catch the gorgeous double rainbow that added a splash of color to the sky this morning?! 🌈 Was definitely a nice way to start off this Monday morning! 🙌
#mysecretnyc #doublerainbow
📷: martinkap72

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