A dark, smooth ale.

7.8% ABV

Quilter’s Irish Death is the namesake beer of Jim Quilter, Founder of Iron Horse Brewery. This malt focused brew – dark in color and deep in taste – defies those pesky style guidelines. This beer is a little bit extra, and will always be a dark, smooth ale.
Draught, 6-Packs and 16oz Cans
Year Round
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The Beer's Story

Irish Death: The Untold Story
A super limited release beer becomes the hero of Iron Horse Brewery.



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Aloha, Death.

Seems pretty fitting for the season?

I don't know about where y'all live, but here in Montana, I swear most years, we don't really have a fall. 🍁🍂

One day you're out boating and enjoying the sunshine. Then BAM, everything freezes.... and the leaves just kinda die on the trees.

(I'm not really selling Montana in the fall, am I? 🤦‍♀️)

This time of year means mornings are for 'mini-winter' and frosted windshields, and afternoon is for Summer temps.

So you end up wearing 4 seasons of clothing and lots of odd layers. Think shorts with a puffy vest, or sandals and socks. Or a long-sleeved romper like me 😉

Even more confusing than the dress code, is beer choices. What does one drink when it's freezing in the morning, and 80s by afternoon....?

A stout to warm you up? A crisp lager to cool you down?

Aloha, Death. 🌺 The perfect transition beer! It combines the best of fall and summer's flavors in one drink. 🍫🥥

This dark smooth ale is malt forward, yet the coconut brings the tropics right to you.

And at 6.53%.... it'll warm you up, but isn't too heavy on a sunny afternoon either. 👌

▪︎ALOHA DEATH▪︎Ale brewed with Coconut▪︎ironhorsebrewery▪︎

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141 15

Glow in the dark hoodie for spooky season? Yes please.

Order by Fri to pick up by Halloween. Link in bio.
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Cheers! #irishdeath #irishdeathbeer #darksmoothale #wednesdayvibes ...

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Can’t come to Ellensburg without stopping at ironhorsebrewery #ellensburg #ellensburgwashington #509 #kittitascounty #beerbabe #beerstagram #beertography #ironhorsebrewery ...

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Kicking off the first fire of the season with one of my favorites! Irish Death by ironhorsebrewery if you know, you know! It’s pretty amazing. Cheers to everyone 🍻
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