Mel’s Magic IPA

India Pale Ale

6.8% ABV

Big on hops, full in flavor, Mel’s Magic is a well deep in character. This unclear beer matches the myth that precedes it.
6 Packs & Draught
Year Round


The Beer's Story

The Elusive Mel's Hole
The inspiration of this beer began before Iron Horse Brewery even existed, back in 1997, when a man called "Mel Waters" appeared on a radio show, called Coast to Coast with Art Bell. Mel claimed he owned a property a few miles west of Ellensburg, Washington that contained a magical, mysterious hole of at least 80,000 feet. Waters claimed that the US government seized this property once they learned of the magical properties. To date, no one has been able to find this hole. Maybe now is the time. Just like the urban legend, discovering Mel's Magic IPA took us down several roads, which led to a few dead ends and start overs. After 5 months of exploration and recipe testing, we have found a flavor, aroma, and taste profile that we find magical in this new, year round IPA. Let us know where you find it. Check out the quest @



Look no further than this magical link.

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Welcome Iron Horse Brewery to BeerNav!
We are very excited to have you onboard as a brewery partner, and cannot wait to see our guide holders in your taproom this July. Thank you for helping beer drinkers better experience WA beer.

Beer drinkers, you will find ironhorsebrewery in the Seatte Metro - Eastside region of BeerNav guide in Ellensburg. Iron Horse is perhaps most widely known for it's Irish Death, a dark smooth ale. Go drink beer and cider at their taproom on the dry side of the state for a few hours next time you venture over the Pass.

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Nothing like painting with having some good beer and tunes! #melsmagicipa is something I’ve been craving! I’ll definitely be ordering more soon! Not looking forward to the last can! #ironhorsebrewery #magicmelsipa #delicious #wantmoore#specialoccasionsonly ...

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