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Imperial IPA


Release the Beast is our rotating selection of experimental batches in collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops. Third in the series is an Imperial IPA collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops.

ABV: TBD, it’s an Imperial
IBU: 50
Malts: Weyerman Barke Vienna, Crisp light Munich, Flaked Barley
Hops: Nectaron, Simcoe, Waiti
6 packs and draught
Coming Soon! Early 2024


The Beer's Story

What the heck is an Imperial IPA?
An Imperial IPA, often abbreviated as IIPA, is a bold and intensely hoppy beer style that emerged from the American craft beer movement. This variation of the traditional India Pale Ale (IPA) is characterized by an elevated hop presence, both in terms of bitterness and aromatic qualities. Imperial IPAs typically showcase a higher alcohol content, ranging from 7.5% to 12% or more, contributing to a robust and warming character. The increased malt bill provides a sturdy backbone to support the hop onslaught, resulting in a beer that balances a strong malt sweetness with the resinous, citrus, and sometimes piney flavors derived from an abundance of hops. This style is appreciated by beer enthusiasts for its complexity, depth, and a lingering bitterness that distinguishes it from its lighter IPA counterparts.



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About the
"Release the Beast"
line of beers

“Release the Beast,” a captivating series of craft beers meticulously crafted by Iron Horse Brewery in collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops, emerges with irreverance several times a year. This collaborative endeavor transcends the boundaries of conventional brewing, serving as a platform for relentless experimentation and pushing the limits of flavor exploration. Each release from this dynamic series is a testament to the brewers’ unyielding commitment to innovation and their audacious spirit to challenge the status quo. The partnership with Yakima Chief Hops adds a layer of expertise, ensuring that each sip is a journey into uncharted territories of taste. “Release the Beast” is not just a collection of beers; it is a celebration of the untamed, an invitation to embrace the unexpected, and a toast to the endless possibilities within the world of craft brewing.

Beast Releases

Iron Horse Brewery Gato Grande

Citra Pale Ale

t1: 2023

ABV: 5.25% IBU: 43.4
Malts: Prairie White Wheat, Light Munich, Crystal Maple
Hops: Citra, Bitter Gold Salvo Yeast: Superbloom

Helles Lager

t3: 2023

ABV: 4.5% IBU: 15
Malts: Linc. Francin, Franco Belge Vienna, Vicotry
Hops: Adeena Yeast: Fresh DF

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