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The Best Bars I’ve Ever Been To

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The Best Bars I’ve Ever Been To


*Originally written by Billy Meagor who quit us.

Bars are the ultimate escape.  People go to hang out with friends, go on dates, watch sporting events, or get away from their wife….um wait….  Whatever the reason, bars are the best.  From sports bars to wine bars, pubs, taverns, theme bars, there’s a bar to suit every interest.  

In my previous job I traveled a lot, I mean a lot. I’ve hung out in some cool places and met some very nice people. Throughout my travels I tried to have a beer in every town. Here on my top five bars I’ve been to (not including WA bars) in no particular order:

OB Noodle House – San Diego, CA.  

This is a great place to go get a beer, hang out on the patio and look out at the ocean or watch a sporting event. They serve some of the best food, especially if you like Pho.  OB Noodle House serves 40+ beers on tap, including both craft and import beers.  They also rotate almost half their beers, so there is always something different.

Wursthaus – Santa Ana, CA

Who doesn’t like to have a sausage with their beer?  This place is awesome, because they have 20  beers on tap that are mainly imported.  They also have 20 different types of sausage that range from Bratwurst to smoked Alligator (alligator isn’t my thing but still).  The atmosphere is pleasant, a place where you can hang out with your friends and have a few beers, not so much to watch football, as they only have one TV.  It is German style seating, so don’t be afraid to sit next to someone and strike up a conversation!

Congregation Ale House – Pasadena, CA and two other locations.

This has one of the biggest beer selections I’ve ever seen.  They carry different bottled beers ranging from craft to imports to high end specialty beers.  They also have a very nice tap line up that they rotate often.  No matter what beer style you like, you’ll find something at this place.  Again, the atmosphere is very nice and a killer patio, if you can get seating out there.

Rose & Crown – Phoenix, AZ

This is a British Style Pub near downtown.  When you walk in, it splits into two areas with a bar on each side.  There is neighborhood vibe to this place that makes you feel welcome.  The service is great and the patrons are very friendly.  They offer 50+ different types of beer, from craft to imports.  They also have 12 beers on tap, with half being imports.  It’s a great place to watch sports or hang out with friends!

Highland Stillhouse – Oregon City, OR

One of my favorite bars!  This is a Whiskey pub with a Scottish theme as it has Scottish decorations all over.  It’s unique because it looks like a house on the corner, with two floors.  It’s adults only upstairs but children are allowed downstairs with a bar on both floors.  They also have an awesome patio for those warm, sunny days.  A great beer selection, with several Scottish and other imported beers are their speciality but they also have some local craft beers for your enjoyment.  Their Scottish and English menu is truly mouth watering.  A great place to hang out with friends and family while putting down a few pints!

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