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The Sales Portion of the Blog: Part 1

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The Sales Portion of the Blog: Part 1


*Originally written by Regan Rinker who quit

Sales: Where your car is your office and your entertainment consists largely of scrutinizing other drivers and thinking up new songs to download on your iPod as you head to your next town to sell beer, the Sales life is all at once amazing and relentless.

My Name is Regan Rinker, Sales staff, or self coined “brewery ambassador” at Iron Horse Brewery. Since I couldn’t think of a cool code name, I went with my real name since I don’t plan on placing any high crime threats on this blog or saying the word Bomb too many times. I have worked for Iron Horse Brewery for a little over 5 years now, growing with the brewery and loving every second of it. I started out in Retail, moved up to Retail Manager, and recently, last year, moved “up” into sales. In all seriousness, it’s an amazing job, but one filled with missed calls, rattling bottles in coolers in the back of your car, last minute keg deliveries, hand shakes, a lot of chicken wings, and a little loss of dignity here and there. You get to be everyone’s friend but no one’s best friend since you’re constantly travelling. Each day is different, new, and exciting with a million things that could go wrong and right. The amazing part besides all the other amazing parts, is you get to sell a product you love and enjoy, made by people you care for. In a world where a bar manager’s “no” means, “come back later” I couldn’t imagine myself in any other job at the moment.

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