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The Sales Portion of the Blog: Part Deux

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The Sales Portion of the Blog: Part Deux



My name is Ross Chalstrom, but I’d like it if you would call me Big Cat. To this point, I have been largely unsuccessful in getting that name to stick, but its always worth another try. I’ve been with Iron Horse for eternity and plan on sticking around until one of two things happen…I die, or a professional basketball team realizes the only thing they’ve been missing is a slow 6’2” forward that values teamwork and fringe benefits. Since both of those things are highly unlikely to ever happen, my focus will continue to be getting our beer into more and more people’s bellies. Regan summed up our day to day life pretty well, so I’ll just add a couple of things. You realize we spend most of our time in bars around people day drinking, right? Its amazing how many people have figured how to drink all day and still support themselves. I’ve tried repeatedly over the years to learn their secret, but the problem with drunk people is that most of what they say is bullshit. Another great part of being an ale facilitator, is that we get to spread the gospel of local craft beer to new people on a daily basis.

So what’s the point of this section of the IHB blog? Mostly to shed light on the day to day life in sales (its doubtful at this point that anyone will care), while also offering up some random information loosely tied to the brewery (key word loosely). If anyone has continued to read to this point, feel free to offer up topics you’d like discussed as well as any information you think we need to know. With that, we’d like to leave you with a czech proverb that we came across a few years ago… “A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but its better to be thoroughly sure.”

Ross aka, Big Cat.

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