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Survey Results about a New Tasting Room

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Survey Results about a New Tasting Room


So a few weeks ago, we created a survey asking all of you what you think we should do with the Tasting Room.

There were three simple questions, of which I will repeat in order to make this blog post seem more in-depth than it really is. Also, my analysis of the results is based on years of research and has nothing to do with me personally, just so we’re clear.

Where Should a New Tasting Room Go?

a: Remain on Prospect Street until they kick you out. Deal with the issue later.
b: Move to downtown Ellensburg location, with a pilot batch system. This will close down the micropub and prospect street
c: Be a standalone tasting room building IN FRONT of the production facility on Vantage HWY. Micropub stays.
d: Be inside the production facility, up stairs, kicking Jared out of his office, so we can consume beer while watching the brewers dance like monkeys for our entertainment . Micropub stays

The results according to this chart. (which is truth, because “if you can chart it, than it must be true” )

Results from Survey

You clearly want to be close to the production facility.
You want the micropub to remain open.
You hate my office and desk.
The last point really hurts my soul flower, but I will get over it for the good of the brewery.

Next Question:
Should we serve food?

a: yes
b: no

Results as pie chart, because that just makes sense.


You like to eat food.
You like to eat food when you drink beer.
When you are at a bar that doesn’t serve food you feel nervous and itchy, like the first time you went to a middle school formal and were too afraid ask that one girl or guy to dance, because you were sweating so profusely that it caused your hyper-color button up shirt to change into a color that you had never seen before, which only made you realize that it was a poor choice to wear spandex underneath your loose fit, double pleated trouser pants, because good-god it is hot down there. BUT, if you just take a breath, swallow that mini-nervous puke in your mouth and eat a half dozen mentos, you will walk over to the person you want to ask to dance; Unfortunately, you are too late and the your stupid “best friend” just asked that person, and
there. they. are. dancing.
this only causes you to get really angry, which is fortunate for you, because you have a switch-comb in your back pocket that you would willingly use to cut off your friends pony tail. And you would too, but it’s your last switch-comb and you don’t want it to break, so you decide to leave the lame dance and go home and play video games and watch little house on the prairie and eat an entire bag of funyons, which you think would taste delicious with beer.

So, yeah, that’s why over 70% answered yes.

Last Question:
If you said yes to food, what kind of food should be served?

a: Pizza – because there aren’t enough pizza places in Ellensburg
b:Hamburgers – because beef is so similar in spelling to beer that it just makes sense
c: Fixed Menu, 3 or 4 options prepared by Chef, changes daily. you pay what it’s worth.
d: Indian Food – because that’s delicious and who doesn’t like Garlic Naan?
e: Grilled Platypus – because it’s unique and a delicacy
f: Tapas – who doesn’t like tapas?
g: BBQ Beef Burritos reheated from 7-11
h: Cereal – every kind of cereal you could possibly imagine
i: Other – just something that doesn’t suck and is unique in Ellensburg

And here are the results:


4 of you are sick people. The platypus is an amazing creature. You should feel shame in your bones.
Um, Cereal is amazing. If someone comes up with the perfect Beer – Cereal combo, please let us know.
It looks like you don’t want a lot of choice, but the choices you do get in a menu have to be great options. We agree.

So, what are we going to do with this survey? That’s a very good question. It more or less confirmed what we heard anecdotally. At this point, we are going to form an internal committee with more charts and graphs and bullet points and research papers, then after that, we will realize that it was waste of time, so we’ll probably just do what feels right.

Right now, what feels right, is getting a special toy for the existing tasting room. You will likey.

If you would like to change the results, feel free to take the survey here.


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December 3, 2020 5:13 pm

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