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The Top Grub At [The Pub]

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The Top Grub At [The Pub]


Our food is a little different and so are we. We started serving food at [the pub] in 2016, and have since been satisfying your tastebuds with a variety of pre-funk snacks, salads and wraps, grub for your hands and palate pleasures. Because we’re curious we decided to take a look at what dishes have been your favorite.

For those of you who haven’t tried our food yet, you can use this guide to help you decide. Go with the tried and tested, or go the opposite route and get one of the least tasted dishes, like the bone marrow. Only 300 people have had the courage to try it, but when it’s spread on bread and topped with irish death beer onions and cheese it’s hard to pass up.

As you can see from this nifty chart below, the beer pretzel is king, followed by the pretzel dogma (a Glondo’s Frank stuffed with Death Cheddar and wrapped in our pretzel dough) and the sloppy jared (like a sloppy joe but named for someone near and dear to our hearts).

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