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The Truth About Greg…On Road Trips…to Montana

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The Truth About Greg…On Road Trips…to Montana


*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit

In four days I will be forced to spend far too many hours in a car with Greg. There will be other people there too, but it is Greg I am most worried about. Greg may seem like a heartless, stoic asshat. But this, IHB Friends, is where you are wrong.

Greg loves to sing.




Sometimes when you walk by his office you hear him mumbling ghost stories to himself and hear words like “marshmallow,” and “I like mine crispy.”

It’s worse in the car.

If he’s not  pulling out his best solo Kumbaya then he is leading us all in rounds of She’ll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain, while describing how to perform the corresponding hand gestures which really, in his own words “brings the song to life and touches my soul.”  I just threw-up in my mouth.

Six + hours of Greg singing at the top of his lungs, Jared deliberately trying to draw the attention to himself with one of the four jokes he has used for years, Suzanne quietly and efficiently doing work to keep this brewery afloat (thanks, Suzanne) and Gary….Gary will probably be asleep. Me? Well, here’s the worst part: I’ll most likely be singing along. 1. so that I don’t get fired and 1.25 because we will be headed to Montana and I’m so effing excited I won’t know what to do to myself.

The most painful car ride ever ends with the roll out  of Iron Horse Beer in Western Montana. Our beer is there now, and we would prefer that people knew about it so we are paying Montana a visit. Also Montana is pretty neat. Greg, Gary, Jared, Suzanne, and myself are hitting up the Flathead Valley Monday 11/18 through Wednesday 11/20. So you should probably find us, high five us, and drink some beer with us. We will be the ones with the tall blonde man trying to get Bloody Mary to appear in the bathroom mirror. you’re welcome.


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