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pre-funk snacks – share with a buddy or hoard for yourself.

beer pretzel or bites  6.

made with ihb beer yeast and poached with an IHB brew then baked with sea salt. served with a choice of IPA beer mustard or cheese sauce

a date with kevin bacon 10.

dates stuffed with almonds and blue cheese then wrapped in mr. bacon. we are all six degrees away.

pretzel dogma 5.

a Glondo’s Frank stuffed with Death Cheddar and wrapped with our beer pretzel dough. served with IPA mustard. Meat, Cheese, & Bread: the only food groups that matter. this is truth.

cheese & etc. 15.

death cheddar, uncle jack cheese, & jalapeño jack cheese, specialty meat from Glondo’s, bread, apple slices, and caramel dipping sauce, and chocolate because why not?

artichoke dip 9.

artichokes, qid beer onions, pepper jack cheese, spinach, mayo, sour cream, and cream cheese meticulously served alongside some delicious Vinman beer bread & celery, so you’ll always have the challenge of finding the ideal dip to bread ratio.

mr. popper’s bacon  7.

these jalapeño poppers, despite the name, did not come from an adventure in Antarctica, but they are baked in a seasoned batter with breadcrumbs and loaded with seasoned cream cheese containing all of Mr. Popper’s delicious bacon.

salads or wraps – fork it or hold it. that’s a personal choice

chicken curry 10.

grilled curry seasoned chicken breast, mango, scallions, apple, celery, crushed cashews, and curry dressing on top of lettuce or or in a tortilla with chips, you choose. Wrap it?

oaxaca quinoa 10.

quinoa, black beans, corn kernels, grilled zucchini, roma tomatoes, red onion, cilantro gussied up with jalapeño-avocado dressing, all while featuring the letter A and the number 3. add a grilled chicken breast for 3 bucks more.

spicy chicken salad 14.

a salad made with romaine lettuce, peppers, minced jalapeño, oaxaca corn, black beans, cilantro and a delicious, creamy southwest dressing.

kaspro caesar 10.

kale, spinach, romaine (kaspro) + tomatoes and those crunchy mini bread cubes + anchovy dressing. add a grilled chicken breast for 3 more bucks.
grub – get your bib on – all grubs come with your choice of one side, except for the pretzza, because consistency is boring

pretzza special 10.

pretzel dough, shaped like a pizza or frisbee, with rad toppings, check the specials page or ask a server for the pretzel of the month specifics. no side. no deals.

an bratwurst 10.

a grammatically correct Glondo’s bratwurst, poached in QID, then grilled and served in a hoagie roll with Death Beer onions and ipa mustard.

good ol’ slops (formerly called sloppy jared) 10.

slow cooked ground beef that is partly sweet, partly spicy. served on a cornmeal bun with a slice of Uncle Jack cheese. named for our little friend; for no good reason whatsoever.

the hamilton 12.

a korean pickled chicken sandwich featuring a pan seared chicken thigh, served on a sweet bun with GP’s kimchee slaw and Korean 1001 island dressing.

bigger plates – it’s one big world of flavor out there

chicken & waffles 13.

Belgian style waffle that’s light and crispy while the chicken is marinated in a molasses sauce and dredged in spiced flour with cinnamon and cloves then fried. Served with molasses butter and orange syrup.

korean shortribs 19.

grilled ponzu marinated short ribs with GP’s kimchee recipe, sitting next to some delicious sesame rice noodles

big macgyver 10.

This is a loaded mac & three cheese (pepper jack, parmesan, and cheddar) pasta, skillfully combined with nature’s duct tape, Bacon, and sprinkled with green onion, and breadcrumbs. If there is one food item you want with you when you need to escape your enemy, it’s Big MacGyver.

shrimp & grits 17.

big smoky cajun crustaceans relax on a hill of creamy jalapeño pepper jack cheesy grits. you can be tiny and show fortitude in the same bite. your mouth will love you.

chicken tikka masala 15.

chicken-tikka + masala + a bowl + a fork + your hunger combined with a curry butter sauce served over jasmine rice

thai curry soup 10.

broccoli, red onion, peppers, carrots, kale, red curry & coconut milk are seasoned and combined with rice noodles, making this utterly delicious. “mmmmmm” – said that one guy.

something vegan <10.

yes, we have something vegan on the menu. we support you in your quest to eat non-meat, non-dairy items for whatever reason you choose, which is of course, none of our business. because we like to keep things as fresh as possible, the actual dish will vary depending on the Earth. ask your server about today’s option or just roll the dice.
side gigs – just a little somethin’, somethin’

bag of chips 2.

I don’t know what else to tell you about a bag of potato chips other than they’re local from Tim’s Cascade.

caesar salad 3.

a traditional caesar dressing (anchovy), not to be confused with a caesura……… tossed with chopped kale, romaine, spinach, cherry tomatoes, bread bread bready croûtons, parmesan cheese and lemon wedge.

pasta salad 3.

olives, peppers, provolone, red onion, tomato, broccoli with an herb vinaigrette dressing

quinoa salad 4.

a smaller version of Oaxaca Quinoa.

cup of soup 4.

Just make sure you don’t slurp.

chicken (3-4 oz.) 3.

Don’t want anything else? Sure you can have just chicken.

baked fries 4.

pick your poison: salt, cajun or garlic dill. the fate of the world hangs in the balance.


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