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These are the most common questions we get at the pub in ellensburg, wa.

When are you Open?

Good Question. 7 days a week. The rest of the details can be found here.

Are dogs or ostriches allowed into [ the pub]?

No. They used to be. For an explanation, check out Greg’s post about it here.

Can I bring in outside food?

No. But you used to be able to. Man, we’ve changed. We’ve really changed. We starting making our own food. Read about that here.

Are minors allowed in? How about miners?

Once again, the times they are-a changin’. But that’s a good thing, right? I mean, no one wants to be the same butthead they were in high school. So, yes, minors are now allowed until 8 PM. Miners are still allowed, of course. Child miners are too until 8 PM though their employment in a mine might be against current labor laws.

Those Mugs are sweet, I want three?

That’s not a question; that’s a statement. Sorry Janet. Those are mug club mugs. Only available to mug club members. Would you like to be a mug club member? Here’s how you can do it.

We do carry a similar looking mug for sale but it can’t be used in the pub and doesn’t come with all the sweet perks.

I want to order food-to-go.

We want you to want to, except for when we want you to stay awhile. In any case, call 1.509.933.3135 to place a togo order.

I love 509. I’ll take 6 bottles to go.

Your statements, while complimentary, are still not questions. Alas, we don’t bottle 509…but we do own a crowler machine. 32 ounces of sweet draft 509 can be yours for the low price of $7 in a ready to go can. See, change is good.


412. N Main Street in Ellensburg

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SUNDAY 11 am to 8-ish pm
MON, TUES & WED 4pm to 9-ish pm
THURSDAY 11am to 9-ish pm
FRI & SAT 11am to 9-ish pm


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Need a Keg?

We got you.

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