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This Is A Press Release About Big Cans Of Beer

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This Is A Press Release About Big Cans Of Beer



For Immediate Release

Iron Horse Brewery Announces Use Of Crowlers At [The Pub]

This handy invention that we didn’t come up with will make it easier for you to transport your favorite beer.

ELLENSBURG, WA (October 4, 2017) Iron Horse Brewery is bringing the 32-ounce crowler to [the pub] to help transport more craft beer to mountaintops, homes and mouths. The crowler is a canning solution that seals 32-ounce cans of draught beer so they are portable and ready to go on your next hike, camping trip or cookout.

Outdoor experts who wished to remain anonymous claim the crowler is better than a growler because it offers an airtight seal and doesn’t let sunlight break down your beer while you’re climbing that mountain.

“The crowler will allow people to can their Iron Horse favorites like 509 and Light Rail, which aren’t currently in packaged form,” said retail manager, Brooke Kvinsland.

Some consumers have asked for a solution to the problem of a 22-ounce bottle being too little beer but a 64-ounce growler being too much beer.

“Growlers are great because you can reuse them over and over again, but the crowler gives the consumer the option of purchasing a smaller amount of beer that’s still more than a 22-ounce bottle,” Kvinsland said.

The IHB sales team expects use of the crowler will help get more Iron Horse pilot batches out into the market, which spans five states.

“For sales it’s everything because we wanted a way to sample draught beer,” said Ross Chalstrom, interloper of press release quotes. “The big bonus is it’s great for outdoor stuff where glass is prohibited or too heavy to carry. For the Washington people it’s going to be a huge boon.”

Iron Horse Brewery is the first brewery to own a crowler machine in Kittitas County. Crowlers may not be consumed at [the pub], but should be taken home instead. The shelf life for a crowler is a week and a half to two weeks if stored properly. After use they are recyclable.

Crowler details

Size: 32oz.

Material: Aluminum.

Draught: Any beer that is on tap at [the pub] when you stop in.

Price: $7 for a single crowler.

Available: October 4th

About Iron Horse Brewery

Centrally located in Ellensburg, WA, Iron Horse Brewery is owned by father-son team Gary and Greg Parker. The brewery has been producing hand crafted ales since 2007 and is growing at a pace they probably cannot handle. If for some reason you’re still still reading this and you’d like to learn more about the brewery, visit


This handy machine seals the lid on the crowler can.

Rob holds up his first crowler filled with Mullet Milk.

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