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Tips on Enjoying Being in the F’n Car

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Tips on Enjoying Being in the F’n Car


If you’ve been a faithful reader of the sales portion of the IHB blog, you now understand how much driving we do as brewery sales reps. I’m all for quiet introspection, but examining yourself and the world around you can only fill so much time while traversing the many highways and roads in the pacific northwest. So, today I’d like to share with you a list of recommendations on how else to spend your time while driving long distances. In no particular order….

#1 Podcasts. Music might be the greatest thing humans give other humans. Below I’ll mention a few artists that I’ve been listening to lately, but first I’d like to talk about a fairly new entertainment/informational medium that has me hooked. Podcasts are great because they now come in many different forms offering a ton of different subject matter. Below, listed in bullet points, are a few that I currently think are great…

The Moth Podcast: Short stories told by various famous and not so famous people. Sometimes you get a dud when listening, but its worth it in order to hear how Al Sharpton later befriended the man who had stabbed him at a political rally years earlier. How a woman survived the Cambodian death camps while living in a jungle for years, or how a comedian tried to cope with his daughter dying of a terminal disease. They are sometimes funny, sometimes raw and almost always offer a new perspective on topics we might not usually think too deeply about.

The History of Rome: I’m a huge fan of antiquity, so I realize this podcast might not be for everyone, but its extremely well done. Mike Duncan, a classics professor, takes the listener through the entire history of Rome in approximately 180 thirty minute episodes. While learning about an ancient society, you also start to see all the similarities between that once great nation and ours (some good and some bad).

The Basketball Jones: I’m still pissed about the Sonics and don’t follow the NBA as closely as I use to, but NBA knowledge is not a prerequisite for enjoying this Canadian podcast. Its funny, irreverent and full of NBA related topics not always covered by the national media. Also, if you like puns, this show will not let you down.

Men In Blazers: A soccer podcast (I realize the rest of the world calls it football, but dammit, this is ‘Merica!). Personally I’m not a big fan of the sport, but these two guys are hilarious and there’s something calming about listening to brits wax poetic on a topic you care very little about. Also, if you need to keep up on the EPL (English Premier League) to be able to communicate with bar owners who love the sport, this helps immensely.

Stuff You Missed In History Class: The title says it all. The scope of topics covered is vast and if you can get past the dryness of the delivery, there’s a lot of learnin’ to be done here.

#2 Music. I’ll just list some artists I’ve been listening to lately, with a short blurb after each. Remember I’m 34 and am on the cusp of becoming completely irrelevant in my choice of music…
Atmosphere: He is awesome and doesn’t just rap about banging chicken heads and shooting haters.
Mastodon: Who doesn’t like to scream along with the songs?
Kid Cudi: I’m sure most people have heard of him, but in case you haven’t, he’s really good.
Bruno Mars: The fact that I like his music makes me hate myself, but the heart wants what the heart wants.
Salem: A bartender told me about these guys and described them as, “midwestern meth-heads who create electronic masterpieces.” SOLD!
Drake: Who knew Canadians could rap so well?
Charlie Wilson: Actually I’ve only heard one song, “Charlie, Last Name Wilson,” but its the most unintentionally hilarious song created in my opinion. [ You’re Welcome ]

#3 Books on Tape. Nothing makes time go by quicker than hearing someone read a book out loud.
“The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference.” Malcolm Gladwell. Just finished and absolutely loved.
“The First Law Trilogy.” Joe Abercrombie. NERD ALERT!!
“1776.” David McCullough. One of the best historians of our time with a fascinating look at one year of the Revolutionary War.
“Bossy Pants.” Tina Fey. Pretty sure this book was written for women, but I thought it was hilarious (which probably says something about me).

#4 Create your own music. This one will cause people driving by to think you are a lunatic, but its worth it. If you’re concerned about this, you can always put in your hands free device so it looks like your talking on the phone. Personally I say fuck it. Pick your favorite genre and get to creating “music.” MC Big Cat has created instant classics such as, “Driving Be Messing My Game Up” and “This Beer Ain’t Selling Itself.” If you have a song you feel is strong, please don’t hesitate to email it to me so I can take a listen.

And with that, hope everyone has a great week.

MC Big Cat

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