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Trivia Lowlights

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Trivia Lowlights


*Originally written by Sarah Clark

Because there are too many “Top 5” lists on the internet right now.

The low five things about fall trivia.

  1. Too much game not enough player. This one time I tried to date 5 guys at once and they all met me for dinner, and I wondered why I was the only one having fun…  I have seen this situation time and again, where you have one player who is really into the game and 5 other people trying to be too “cool” to play.   It is a lot like one person drinking out of a pitcher alone because everyone else is on some lame beer free/ fun free diet.   The good news is…more beer for you.
  2. Absolutely no fun was had. In fact, there was this one time I looked up and all I saw were groups of people arguing with each other over the answer to a question “what color was the dress of the fairy in Pinocchio”…I could see fear in everyone’s eyes…what if the fairy was not in fact wearing a dress what if she was in fact wearing trousers…
  3. This one time someone showed up and the team was full. I remember this one time someone who shall remained unnamed (chances are I don’t actually know it) showed up and their usual team was full.  They had to join another team and had loads of fun and at the end of the night won a bunch of money.  In fact this individual never did return to his former team.
  4. Just when you thought you were done with midterms…  If trivia proves one thing it is that people love suffering.  The week of midterms something in the range of precisely 86 people showed up to trivia.  All I had been hearing all week long was how much test taking sucks and studying takes up too much time…and yet if one test wasn’t enough… geeze stick to your guns people.
  5. Too much change.  Trivia went to different places and people were confused. For the first time in a few years new venues were added, and for the first time in trivia history multiple people assumed the role of trivia host.  Adding a new perspective and flavor to the game itself. Without consulting the majority an executive decision was made and we destroyed all sense of security for some die-hard trivia fans. Who knows what we could throw at you next.

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