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#UnicornConnie aka the 3rd Intern

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#UnicornConnie aka the 3rd Intern


People who know me well may be surprised that I landed an internship at Iron Horse Brewery.
I’m the girl who didn’t drink until I was 21, practices a “dry season” while competing in track and the only thing I’ve ever shot-gunned is a 20 oz. bottle of water after a cross-country race.

All this doesn’t mean I don’t like alcoholic beverages, my experience with beer has just been a unlike that of the average college student. But this is why I fit in at Iron Horse Brewery.
Just like the company I’m working for, I’m a little different.

It’s fair to say I am a weirdo. I have been called that by many people and I am sure I will continue to be called that until the day I die. Why am I a little different?
I dress like a hipster, but it’s hard to find someone my age more fiscally conservative.
Like my fellow intern Peter, I struggle to grow a moustache but when the mood strikes I use the hair on my head to fashion a beard for myself.
I eat tomatoes like apples and I love putting syrup on my spaghetti.
Although I hate country music, I am more “country” than most people listening to that stuff.
I grew up on a ranch and learned how to ride a horse before a bike.
Queen is the best band that ever existed and those who argue with me about that will pay the price. Also, don’t argue with me about the existence of unicorns because I will cry.

Thinking outside the box has always been one of my strengths and lucky for me it’s also one of Iron Horse Brewery’s strengths. Together our unconventionalism will produce a cornucopia of awesome ideas and experiences courtesy of Iron Horse Brewery….or worst case scenario, the eccentricity is too much and I self-implode…either way it will be fun for you to witness.

Connie Morgan
Certified Weirdie

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