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Want to work at IHB? Of course you do.

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Want to work at IHB? Of course you do.


*Originally written by Tess McIntyre who quit 

Iron Horse Brewery and Coffee Co will be hiring for 7 positions in the near future. Positions are within the fields of retail, marketing, and production.  We are looking for motivated 21+ candidates that have a strong interest and desire to work within the craft field.

There will be representatives from each department at the pub on Thursday May 1st  between 1 and 3pm and Tuesday May 6th between 4 and 5:30. If you are interested in a job at Iron Horse, please come visit us. You just need to pick which department interests you (retail, marketing, or production) and come prepared with a resume, cover letter, and a detailed schedule of availability through December 2014. 

Also, kablam. Kapow. Kapooya.

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Christopher Bucy
February 22, 2018 12:02 pm

Dear Iron Horse Brewery,

My name is Christopher Bucy and I am a recent graduate of the University of Arizona. I just recently moved back to the Pacific Northwest where I am looking to start my career in the craft beer industry. Over the years, I have had experience as a brand ambassador, marketing coordinator and rep in the alcohol industry. I would love to get a chance to talk with you guys sometime in the next week or so to learn more about your company and discuss possible opportunites in sales or marketing in the future. Please give me a call at 206-321-9376 or email me ( Have a great rest of your week and looking forward to speaking with you soon.


Christopher Bucy

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