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We’re Coming to Vancouver, Officially.

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We’re Coming to Vancouver, Officially.


Here’s the press release.  hash tags and all.



For Immediate Release

Iron Horse Brewery Partners with Maletis Beverage, Invites themselves to Vancouver
Kickoff events scheduled March 7th.

ELLENSBURG, WA  (February 27, 2013)  Iron Horse Brewery and Maletis Beverage ( have formed a strategic partnership to bring Iron Horse beer into Southwest Washington. Shipments of Irish Death, Iron Horse Brewery’s flagship beer and Double Rainbow an extended seasonal inspired by the YouTube video are on the trucks and should start showing up in locations around Vancouver next week.

“Even though exactly 0 people requested our beer in Vancouver, we decided to venture down here anyway.  It’s an exciting time for the brewery and for the craft beer industry as a whole. More and more people are demanding locally sourced, highly flavorful hand crafted beer over the traditional lager options and our recent expansion has allowed us to continue serving that demand  at a faster pace in our existing markets as well as reach new areas such as Vancouver.  We couldn’t be more excited and grateful to Maletis for partnering up with us.” said Owner and General Manager, Greg Parker. “Well we could be more grateful, I guess, but we’re not really into public displays of affection.” Parker commented.

Kick Off Events in Vancouver
To celebrate the launch and to introduce their brands to the market, Iron Horse Brewery will be holding two kick off events. They will be at By the Bottle (104 W. Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver) from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on March 7th.  Later on they will be pouring beer at The Brickhouse Bar & Grill (109 W. 15th, Vancouver) from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. IHB encourages you to come out to these fantastic venues, try their beer and learn a little bit more about them.  There will be giveaways, contests and an opportunity to meet members of the brewery.

To learn more about these and other events, go to

About Iron Horse Brewery
Iron Horse Brewery, centrally located in Ellensburg, WA, has been producing hand crafted ales since 2007.  Iron Horse is owned by father-son team Greg and Gary Parker.   With 20 employees and a recent expansion, enabling IHB to double its brewing capacity, they plan to produce over 10,000  barrels this year. To learn more about the brewery or to simply take a break from Facebook, go to;  you’ll probably be sorry you did.

Greg Parker, General Manager

Media Inquiries
Jared Vallejo, Marketing Director

About Maletis Beverage
Maletis Beverage is a locally owned distributor of quality domestic and craft style beers.  They provide service to the Portland-Salem metropolitan areas as well as to Southwest Washington in Clark and Cowlitz counties. Only Maletis-Vancouver will be taking on Iron Horse Beer at this time.  Maletis Beverage employs over 200 people who uphold the company mission statement of, “Leading the industry with quality products, teamwork and customer satisfaction”.

Jerome Chicvara, General Sales Manager


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