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What Iron Horse Brewery has Taught Me About Community and Being a Decent Human

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What Iron Horse Brewery has Taught Me About Community and Being a Decent Human


The fact that I am sitting here drinking a mug of high five (#goteamhighfive) and watching a gnarly game of cornhole while I write this blog is sufficient proof that this place is better than literally every other place.

I’ve never enjoyed to frequent a place that I work as much as iron horse brewery. The fact that I can sit and enjoy a beer with the customers that I’m usually serving says a lot about the people that walk into iron horse. I actually enjoy having conversations with them while not getting paid to do so! I went through college jobless, playing music all day every day. Good for the soul, yes, but all I really knew about Ellensburg was what I knew from the music community.  I decided to stay and give this town a real chance-and through IHB, I realized how truly awesome this place is and why people choose to make a life here.

I’m leaving to move to Iowa (yes, Iowa) in about a month for graduate school. The regular customers and fellow IHB employees stood by me through the whole process. Whether it be audition nerves, travel plans, or just making sure I’m taking care of myself, they all just simply had my back. Not a day goes by when I don’t get asked about my future plans, and how disappointed they are that I won’t be serving them a beer in the near future. I loved to be involved in a community that gives a shit who gives them beer. Thanks for everything IHB and Ellensburg, and #teamhighfive forever.


editor’s note: we did our best to sabotage Natalie’s graduate school efforts, but it was futile


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Tyler Sharp
July 16, 2013 10:50 pm

Best of luck on your endeavors. I may be a hapless novice in the world of IHB gossip, so I must ask in the midst of my ignorance: What is your field of study?

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