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What Is The Deal With Those Mugs?

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What Is The Deal With Those Mugs?


“What is the deal with those mugs on the wall?” “Can I buy one?” “Pretty please?”

Questions about the mugs hanging on the wall at [the pub] are common. Almost as common as IPAs or kids with fidget spinners.

But to answer your questions, no, we do not serve coffee out of them, and they are not for sale because they already belong to people near and dear to our countertops.

Those black and blueish mugs you see hanging on the wall are from our mug club program. What’s that? Well, it’s a way for some of our most dedicated fans (you know, the ones drinking in [the pub] daily) to score some sweet perks via a membership deal. Mug club members pay an annual fee in March to become a member and BOOM, they get a mug with the name of their choosing on it along with some other super exclusive benefits.

That being said, we realize not all of you live here, but still want to purchase a mug to take home so we’ve come up with a win-win. Our benevolent pub manager, Brooke, heard you and took action. Anyone who is willing to part with $40 is able to purchase a similar, but different mug at [the pub].

It doesn’t say “mug club” on it for obvious reasons. But it does have a handle on it. And it is in the shape of a mug. And you could probably write your name or nickname on it with a white paint pen if you so desired. The rule is that you must take it home with you. It comes with no beer benefits, but will likely include a feeling of excitement as you leave with it in your hand.


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Brian Ambrose
September 16, 2017 10:32 am

Everytime I would stop in after hiking on the eastside, I would beg the bartenders to sell me a mug. lol!!! I live way out in Peirce county, so the mug program would have been pointless to me. I don’t suppose ya’ll could mail me one?

Mark Whitehead
September 16, 2017 11:36 am

Any chance you’ll ship to Western Washington?

September 25, 2017 8:59 am

We’re not set up yet to ship them, but we are looking into adding them into our online store. We’ll let you both know when that happens.

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