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Where Are They Now: Aimee Bach Edition

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Where Are They Now: Aimee Bach Edition


Time for the next former employee feature where we highlight one of our fine cousins (what we call our employees) who has left us and moved on to a new place in their working life.

Name: Aimee Bach

Iron Horse Brewery: Position at Iron Horse Brewery?
Aimee Bach: Barista to Server to Local Marketing & Event Coordinator
IHB: You forgot resident rapper.

IHB: What years did you work at IHB?
Late 2015- this year… 2019
IHB: Yes, that is correct.

IHB: What is your favorite IHB beer?
AB: Double Rainbow, because it’s the one that most surprised me the most. I hardly liked beer at the time I got hired, let alone hoppy beer. But in the process of learning about brewing & our beers specifically, I really got to appreciate the flavors & complexity of craft beer… and boy, does Double Rainbow have flavor & complexity.
IHB: The answer was free IHB beer that you were able to enjoy while working for us but sadly now have to mooch off of your former coworkers for.

IHB: Where do you work now?
AB: Matrix Finance & Accounting in Seattle… slightly different than pouring beer in Ellensburg, yea?
IHB: Do you have your own 10-key and pocket protector now?

Aimee on the bus to her new job. #notthedriveranymore

IHB: What do you do at Matrix Finance & Accounting?
AB: Contract Recruitment… it’s like matchmaking for jobs!
IHB: Kind of like what you did as a server at [ the pub ]… matching people with beers.

IHB: How do you think your life will improve after leaving IHB?
AB: Less wear & tear on my car for sure… With living in Issaquah and commuting to Ellensburg three days a week since October 2018, I couldn’t do it anymore!
IHB: You will probably have fewer album cover photoshoots in your life though.

IHB: Is there one thing that working at Iron Horse Brewery helped you to get where you are now? Conversely, how did we ruin things for you?

AB: IHB helped me have a social life in Ellensburg… haha. I’d be more lame than I am now, without IHB.

IHB ruined numerous shirts, pants, & shoes from beer spills & stains…. I’ll send my shopping receipts to Paul for reimbursement, thanks! Also, RIP to my shins, after loading & unloading that MONSTER 4-tap jockey box for two years.
IHB: We gave you those shin guards for a reason… and it wasn’t soccer.

IHB: What is your favorite mythical creature?
AB: Mermaid… it’s the perfectly long & wavy hair underwater that’s truly unrealistic.
IHB: Ours is the roller derby badass you became in this picture. Oh wait, it’s not mythical. It happened for 2.5 seconds and you were awesome at it. Nicole says you should probably find a team over there and unleash your inner beast mode.

IHB: What is your most memorable moment at IHB?
AB: I’m sure everyone’s most memorable moment about me is rapping, although I keep trying to forget it… but honestly, I really enjoyed the Boise Trip 2018 for the St. Paddy’s Day Half K. This is where I felt our current marketing team truly bonded and became stronger… & maybe got shwasted.
IHB: Our favorite moment was when you stole the van. Not really, but we are still trying to figure out who did, so if you are reading this and you stole the van just know that you have given us a mystery that will puzzle us for eternity. You are probably laughing about it right now.

IHB: On a scale of 1 to 10.3 how much do you miss the marketing trailer?
AB: There are definitely some things I miss… like less stairs than we have now, the marketing team being trapped in one space & trying to make Adam as uncomfortable as possible.

Some thing I don’t miss…the trailer itself being slightly unlevel to the point where my equilibrium is now off, being blinded by the sun every time the door opened, and driving through & tracking in piles of mud from the backside of the building.

So…. 10.3?
IHB: We miss the trailer because it was a time when we were blissfully unaware of your plans to leave Iron Horse Brewery. [ you’re welcome ]

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