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Where Are They Now: Alex Grosby Edition

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Where Are They Now: Alex Grosby Edition


Time for the next former employee feature where we highlight one of our fine cousins (what we call our employees) who has left us and moved on to a new place in their working life.


Name: Alex Grosby

Iron Horse Brewery: What was your position at Iron Horse Brewery?

Alex Grosby: Marketing Coordinator? Trivia Host? Podcast Guy? Audio/Video Guy? We never really nailed that down.

IHB: How about guy who was overly excited about giving away mousepads at trivia?

Alex Grosby


IHB: What years did you work at IHB?

AG: 2016-2018

IHB: You went from “Trivia Guy. I work here. (barely)” to “Not Barely Anymore” and then up and quit us. Right when we thought you were ready to commit.


IHB: What is your favorite IHB beer?

AG: It was High Five Hefe but I think Send It surpassed it.

IHB: But did you bump them up to 5 stars yet on Untappd?


IHB: Where do you work now?

AG: Still searching for work here in Norfolk, VA. Have some job interviews lined up including a local brewery and Old Dominion University.

IHB: We are confident that with your enthusiasm and obsessive interest in the beer industry you will find a good fit out there.


IHB: What are you doing while you search for work?

AG: Funemployment is a lot of watching daytime TV, unpacking moving boxes, and home improvement right now.

IHB: What’s the latest on Days of Our Lives?


IHB: How are you doing better now that you’ve moved on from IHB?

AG: Having a lot of fun exploring my new city of Norfolk, while I’ve got the time. Seeing a lot more Phish as I drove across country.

IHB: As a Phish superfan is it required to talk about Phish in every survey or questionnaire you complete? Just wondering. Also, how’s your This Week In Phish podcast going?


IHB: Is there one thing that working at Iron Horse Brewery helped you to get where you are now? Conversely, how did we ruin things for you?

AG: Well, it set a high bar of what I’d like to do for work. So, a lot of job prospects are going to fail with how great working at IHB was. It did give me a lot of great skills to position myself as a great hire.

IHB: We tend to ruin future employment for a lot of people.


IHB: What is your favorite mythical creature?

AG: The Battle Rhinos from Black Panther

IHB: We still haven’t seen it.


IHB: What is your most memorable moment at IHB?

AG: Cousinfest is always an enjoyable time but if we’re talking about actual work, probably heading to Boise to tape podcast episodes and work the Half K. Trivia theme nights were also always a fun time.

IHB: What about making this video?


IHB: On a scale of 1 to 10.3 how much do you miss working at Iron Horse?

AG: Well, a 10.3 right now since I don’t have a job but even when I do find work, it’ll probably remain a 10.3. It’s a great place with amazing people. The opportunities to really try things and have fun are unmatched and hard to find so it really is an amazing place to work.

IHB: If our beer ever makes it to Virginia we expect you to be one of our brand ambassadors.

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