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Where Are They Now: Elliott Schmitz Edition

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Where Are They Now: Elliott Schmitz Edition


Here at Iron Horse Brewery we’ve had some fine cousins (what we call our employees) over the years. And while we think that giving them free beer will make them stay with us forever, some of them end up leaving to follow their dreams or something. We have a hard time letting go so we’ve decided to reach out to cousins who have been gone for at least a year to see where they are now. Once a cousin, always a cousin.

Name: Elliott Schmitz

IHB: Position at Iron Horse Brewery?

ES: Nocturnal Brewer and cask extraordinaire.

IHB: Also don’t forget revenge brew coordinator, Eastern Washington Brewfest bike model, and movie extra for Jake’s Short People Got No Reason To Brew video 

IHB: What years did you work at IHB?

ES: 2014-2016

IHB: Those are nice even-numbered years. They make us uncomfortable.


IHB: What is your favorite IHB beer?

ES: Farmlandia

IHB: RIP Farmlandia. You were a tasty farmhouse ale that brought professors and tractors together, and inspired us to wear red pajamas while listening to Hootie and the Blowfish records.


IHB: Where do you work now?

ES: Oskar Blues Brewery

IHB: We’ll take your word for it.


IHB: What do you do at Oskar Blues Brewery?

ES: Brewhouse Operator and professional scrubber

IHB: Neat-o.



IHB: How are you doing better now that you’ve moved on from IHB?

ES: Family is a 7 hour drive away instead of 22hr and benefits are better.

IHB: But do they have 2 foosball tables?

IHB: Is there one thing that working at iron horse brewery helped you to get where you are now?

ES: Experience in the industry… And the drive to be as good as Tyson at troubleshooting equipment issues.

IHB: Tyson is quite good at troubleshooting. He’s also good at beating everyone at Wii bowling at Cousinfest.


IHB: Conversely, how did we ruin things for you?

ES: I now have zero patience for passive aggressive emails.

IHB: How do you feel about “friendly reminder” emails?


IHB: What is your favorite mythical creature?

ES: Jackalope

IHB: A group of jackalopes is called a flaggerdoot.


IHB: What is your most memorable moment at IHB?

ES: Brewing a whiskey pumpkin chile ale (as a practical joke) while Tyson was in Germany.

IHB: You included peaches too right?


IHB: On a scale of 1 to 10.3 how much do you miss working at Iron Horse?

ES: 9.8. I had some frustrations/dislikes, but overall, I miss working at Iron Horse.

IHB: You’re probably lying, but we’ll take it. 

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