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Where Are They Now: Lindsay Montgomery Edition

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Where Are They Now: Lindsay Montgomery Edition


Time for the next former employee feature. Each month we’re highlighting one of our fine cousins (what we call our employees) who has left us and moved on to a new place in their working life. Once a cousin, always a cousin.

This month we’re highlighting Lindsay Montgomery.


Iron Horse Brewery: What was your position at Iron Horse Brewery?

Lindsay Montgomery: Beerista (server and barista at IHB coffee stand) but moved to just a server once the coffee stand was sold, R.I.P.

IHB: Based on this photo you were also an event bouncer who might have had a side hustle selling sunglasses. 

IHB: What years did you work at IHB?

LM: 2015-2016


IHB: What is your favorite IHB beer?

LM: Disruptor IPA will always hold a special place in my heart but I wouldn’t turn down a single one.

IHB: Every IPA that existed when you worked here has now gone the way of Chauncy, R.I.P.


IHB: Where do you work now?

LM: A Childrens Hospital in Washington.

IHB: That’s half specific.

Lindsay and her coworker Megan


IHB: What do you do at a children’s hospital that can’t be named for legal reasons?

LM: I’m a certified child life specialist. It’s okay, no one knows what that is. We’re the members of the healthcare team that help kids learn about their new diagnoses/treatments/procedures in kid-friendly ways and help them adjust to long-term illness or hospitalization.

IHB: This was supposed to be a quick and easy q&a and now you’re giving us all the feels.


IHB: How are you doing better now that you’ve moved on from IHB?

LM: I’m using my masters degree and have my dream job which is pretty exciting, but there is significantly less free beer so it’s a toss up.

IHB: You really showed us how wrong our demotivational quote “Dreams are just opportunities that will never get realized,” can be. Good for you. Maybe we should start using this one more instead “Never don’t give up.”


IHB: Is there one thing that working at Iron Horse Brewery helped you to get where you are now? Conversely, how did we ruin things for you?

LM: A lot of my job is building rapport very quickly with strangers, which I got to do a lot of at [ the pub ]. And studying for the cicerone/sampler schpeals helped my memory skills which helps in medicine.

Conversely- one of our mug clubbers texted me last week about food and I don’t think I’ll ever have a job with those same kind of close-knit relationships with our customers (for legality/ethical reasons).

IHB: Aimee is over here getting sentimental and fangirling over your friendship with the mug clubbers so we decided to let her jump into the conversation.

Aimee Bach: Lindsay was training me one day (as a server), and it was on a Thursday. I didn’t know what that meant, but soon enough the “Thursday Crew” walked on in. Now, this was before we had food at the pub, so these guys were bringing in bags and bags of snacks to share while talking over beers. If a group of 10 local regulars (who knew more than you about your own job) wasn’t intimidating enough, Lindsay said, “Well, come one. I’m going to introduce you!” I thought her relationship with these gentlemen was the coolest thing. She was close with their families, asked about their plans, and knew all their beer orders before they even asked!


IHB: What is your favorite mythical creature?

LM: I feel obligated to say mermaid due to being from an island, but Hood Aimee’s luscious hair is the closest I’ve ever come to seeing one.

IHB: Did you ever meet Peter the intern? He was a land merman who fancied high five hefe.


IHB: What is your most memorable moment at IHB?

LM: I was working the back bar at the Cozy Sweater VS Mocha Death party on my birthday and the staff surprised me by having every attendee sing me happy birthday with music from the live band. If you’ve never had a saxophone play you happy birthday, I highly recommend it.

IHB: Aimee is over here chiming in again.

AB: Lindsay is one of the best humans I’ve ever met. The first time I met her I had just started working at the IHB Coffee Stand. I was being trained by another barista, and she rolls up to the stand with a purpose. She flips her hair, pets her pup who’s sitting in the passenger seat next to her and kindly asks for a HOT, quad-shot americano (cold coffee gives her a headache).This girl meant business. Textbooks, papers, and lots of important-looking shit was stacked up in her back seat and believe me, I learned quickly that coffee wasn’t a luxury in her life, it was a necessity.


IHB: On a scale of 1 to 10.3 how much do you miss working at Iron Horse?

LM: 99.6

IHB: We think you put the decimal in the wrong spot because 99.6 was not on the scale, but we’ll let it slide this time.


IHB: A quote from Hood Aimee (not us), “I miss the living hell out of her, but I’m so excited she continues to grow in her career.”

IHB: Wow, Aimee really has a lot to say about you, Lindsay. You should probably have her write you a LinkedIn endorsement in case you ever want to leave your dream job. She probably also hopes you’ll come to Eastern Washington Brewfest.

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