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Where are you Dirtbag Carnival Picture Taker?

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Where are you Dirtbag Carnival Picture Taker?


I have a weird memory. I can remember my phone number from 5th grade 509.555.5701, but I can’t remember someone’s name from a year ago.

Last year on August 15th, we held our first ever Dirtbag Carnival at the production facility.
I remember there was a hot dog eating contest, carnival games (like blow-dart balloon pop), great beer, fantastic bands and tacos.
I also remember there was a photographer, wearing a black hoodie,(not Mr. Robot) who performed a little B&E and circumvented the ticketing process (with permission) by asking to take some photos.

According to my memory the conversation went like this.

Photographer: Hello.
Me: Uh..Hi?
Photographer: My name is &*)^&&) and I was hoping I could take some photos of your very organized and well planned event that looks like it will be the most fun that anyone has ever had ever. Are you okay with me doing that?
Me: Of course. I really appreciate your keen observation skills. Here is my card, because I’m a d-bag and carry business cards at carnivals and also so you can contact me afterwards and maybe we can use some of the photos for the internet?
Photographer: Gosh, that sounds great. You are kind of a d-bag, but yes, I’ll contact you.
Me: rad. make sure you get a shot of the ghetto dunk tank, it will be amazing.
Photographer: don’t tell me what to do.
Me: I’m telling mom.

This is probably exactly how the conversation went.

Now, I’m hoping the internet can help us out. As four of you know, we’re holding our second annual dirtbag carnival on August 20th. it’s going to be dirtier than before. I’d like to get in touch with this photographer for two reasons. 1) because it’s been bothering me for a year and 2) I’d like to see how the photos turned out.

Please forward this to anyone you know was in attendance to see if they know the picture taker that showed up on that fateful day in August.

The person that is responsible for tracking down this person will get VIP access to the dirtbag carnival if they choose. What does VIP access mean? It’s a good question, one that I will reveal the answer should our mystery photographer be located.

Email me at

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