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Why? or What Does it All Mean?

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Why? or What Does it All Mean?


I have struggled for a few years trying to make sense of life. since, for me, the suggestion of a benevolent higher power has never given me any comfort, I had to come up with something more tangible;

To enjoy the gift of life and support and encourage others to do the same.

And Pure-Being Ball-Thing

Surely, you are double checking your browser web address to see if in fact you are on a brewery website and what does pure-being ball-thing mean because none of this shit is making sense and I am sort of creeping you out right now.

Well, I am just getting weirder and more isolated so apparently that drives my thoughts deeper and deeper. I really need to get back in the brewhouse, this office quarantine just isn’t working out for my mental state.

What does this have to do with beer? no, really, I need an answer…… fine, until you get back to me, I will provide my musings to enhance your boredom.

Can I cure the world of malaria? nope, Bill Gates is beating me to that one.
Can I help children with medical issues while peddling food that gives children medical issues? nope, someone else already has that covered.

What can I do?
Apply my intentions and actions to improve the lives of the people who surround me and expose the world to craft beer, (definition:craft beer is not an acquired taste, but good taste).

That’s why Iron Horse Brewery is here. To expose the world to craft beer by refusing to believe conventional wisdom about who drinks craft beer, who buys craft beer, or any other discriminatory foolishness that history has to tell us about craft beer.

The spreading of the love of craft beer is our way of improving the world by creating jobs, strengthening communities, encouraging appreciation of alcohol rather than abuse and most importantly, putting something in people’s mouths that belongs there. While this may not be the noblest of causes, it is ours, and surely will inspire others to pursue great and noble things.

Will you join our cause and put more Iron Horse Brewery in the mouths of the uninitiated?

They, and we, will really appreciate it.

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Tyler Sharp
June 27, 2013 12:50 am

AAAANNNND, up to speed on your blog.

That looks like a heavy load. Let me take a bit of that off your hands.

I will start by directing you to the very definition of Existentialism, and comfort you in the knowledge that you are not the first person to have these questions:

Perhaps you will be pleased that, historically, your journey is mirrored. The process of learning how to export beer was slow, and was only truly achieved with the addition of hops. It was with innovative experimentation in flavoring that people learned to share the calorie filled, safe to drink, nectar that was locally made beers.

Perhaps then the magnitude of history itself leaves you famished. A man lost in the desert of time, begging for but a single sip of the life giving water that is significance. To which, I can only console you that we all must face this demon. How we face its icy gaze determines if we are to be a beloved figure: cherished by all who knew the person, a hated tyrant: hated for their obsessive desire for more, or lost to the sands of time altogether.

(For reference purposes:

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