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Why You Should Never Do Homework at the Library

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Why You Should Never Do Homework at the Library


*Originally written by Taylor Castillo who quit

This might just be me, but I hope I can relate to some when I say I get absolutely nothing done when I am in the library. Yet I walk in with the mind set that I will be nothing but productive. You would think that with limited distractions I would get a lot done, but that, unfortunately, that’s definitely not the case. The minute I walk into a library I feel instantly stressed because of the amount of work I have to do. Plus, it’s too quiet (even more stress), and you can’t make a peep without feeling as if everyone is staring at you (even more stress). That’s no way to get work done at the library in my professional opinion.

SO. How can we make such a dreaded task a little more bearable? Easy. Just add beer.

When you add a social factor to an intense study session, your creative juices truly start flowing. Since I am a Public Relations major, most of the assignments I have to do for my classes require some sort of creativity. (So if you’re an organic chemistry, mechanical engineer or rocket scientist major, maybe you should just stick to the quiet library.)

Luckily for me, IHB offers exactly what I need on a night dedicated to studying or checking off some overdue tasks. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night we offer “Cheat Sheet” menu specifically designed with college students in mind. This cheat sheet includes discounted items such as mac ‘n cheese, pretzel dogs and more! Each item comes with a beer and is only $5. 

Bring in your student (and personal) ID, a Lincoln and a good attitude and you’re bound to get some serious work done. All while enjoying a refreshing 509 with some Lil’ Sloppies on the side.


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