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Women are Good for Your Beer

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Women are Good for Your Beer


*Originally written by Ashley Stevens

It’s a common belief that the world of beer is dominated by men, beards, and man buns. Sure, females are few and far between in the craft beer industry, but we are far less uncommon when compared to previous years. Working as a saleswoman has enlightened me as to why this industry could use more women.

Naturally, girls are better at everything–
-We remember everything and will bring issues up a year later with full detail.
-The response to any conflict- “It’s fine.”
-We’ll make sure to have the last word.
-We will always be included in everything.
-We think with our brains.
-We look better in buns.
-We don’t have to compete on whose arms are bigger.
-We keep detailed notes in our diary.
-We are constantly planning out our futures.
-We smell better.
-We care more about our tap handles than love handles.

These are all great examples of false facts hidden behind a stroke of truth.

Scientifically speaking, all fetuses are conceived female, then changed through an abnormality. Males are weird. And that’s fact.

In all reality, it has been an amazing experience working in sales. I am able to create lasting friendships with so many people that love beer as much as I do. I do not have a worried bone in my body that I would ever be treated with disrespect from my peers for being female.

The people that judge women trying to make a living selling beer cannot be trusted, thankfully I haven’t ran into many of those. I don’t need to use my sexuality to sell beer, rather my ability to express my passion for this company and the products we create. I am confident I can help change those stereotypes by using my craft beer knowledge and understanding of how this shit works.


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