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Wow, You Drank A Lot Of Beer in 2017

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Wow, You Drank A Lot Of Beer in 2017

We are impressed. You drank a lot of our beer in 2017 — 5,927,944 16-ounce pints specifically (give or take a few because math is hard). If you even consumed just one of those pints, high five yourself. It’s because of you that we get to spend our days brewing tasty beers, making videos about How To Internet, and dressing up like we’re still in the ’80s.

Our hardworking production team spent 8,951 hours brewing 1,300 batches of beer last year. That translates to 23,903 barrels produced and the 5.9 million pints consumed.

Other stats we think are probably true:
  • A beer averages 11 minutes to drink, so you spent 1,086,789 hours drinking our beer in 2017.
  • At least 3,294 pretzels were consumed at the pub.
  • 1,831 people participated in trivia.
  • AND you reviewed us 20,727 times on Untappd with only 4 drain pour pics.

We know it’s more fun to look at pretty graphs and charts, so instead of losing your attention with a long blog post, here’s an infographic that shows all the beer you consumed and what went into making it.

We hope you’ll consider our plea to do a different resolution (ANY RESOLUTION) this year besides give up beer. Help us get to 6 million pints consumed in 2018.

Infographic by Vanessa.

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