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Crystal Hall

Hungry For More Dive Bars? Feast Your Eyes On This!

Hungry For More Dive Bars? Feast Your Eyes On This! (22 Washington dive bars and what to order at each) Hello everyone! I’m back and I’m bringing you more Dive Bars in Washington. I got mad love on my previous post (25 Best Dive Bars in Western Washington). Haven’t read it? Check it out here…. Read more »

Crystal Hall

The 25 Best Dive Bars in Western Washington

As a Market Manager I visit A LOT of bars. I genuinely like most that I find myself in, but I do feel drawn to a specific type of bar; the dive bar. You love them, I love them, we all love them… but why? I like to think that dive bars take you back… Read more »

Crystal Hall

Big Beer Vs. Regional Beer: Similarities and Differences

Previously, I worked for Anheuser-Busch in Seattle as an On-Premise Sales Rep. I worked for AB for just a little over a year before I decided to make the switch to Iron Horse Brewery. I wanted to make the switch to gain more experience in the industry. I didn’t see the potential for growth that… Read more »

Crystal Hall

Our Take On PintPass and Beer Apps

We recently heard about PintPass, a new free app currently in its beta phase, which claims that people can get paid real money to drink at breweries. PintPass will also allow people to text their friends beers across the U.S. According to its website PintPass generates a unique debit card for its users that can be… Read more »