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2020 Strikes Again; How We Almost Had a Clean Rebrand

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2020 Strikes Again; How We Almost Had a Clean Rebrand


We started the year with high hopes and the best intentions.  2019 was a solid year for IHB and we had so much building for 2020.  In January, we launched a company-wide rebrand (read more on that here) and we were excited to share the new packages with the world…    

And then we canceled our .5k fundraiser.  And then we hoarded toilet paper.  And then we checked in on our loved ones.  And then we lived a Groundhog Day-style quarantine cycle of consuming news, Facebook arguments, memes, Netflix, beer, Ben & Jerry’s, and ignoring the hibernation weight that sank us a little deeper into the couch.  

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  For a lucky few, grocery store sales of canned beer are up.  Way up.  As in, potentially the highest they’ll ever be.  What a perfect time to have all of our products rebranded, right?  

Well, in true Iron Horse fashion, we had a little stumble getting off that couch and back up to speed.  I blame the hibernation weight.         

So, what happened?

Some 6 pack cartons with the classic branding were erroneously used. 

Classic Packaging
Rebranded Packaging

Is that bad?

Only if you care about the extraordinary amount of money spend on rebranding an entire company, and then publicly undermining that new image in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

Wait, is the beer still good?

YES.  Taste is subjective, quality is not.  Quality is paramount at all times at Iron Horse Brewery.   

Are you sure?

Yes.  Besides the cardboard carton holding the cans, everything else is the exact same as any other Irish Death 6 pack.  The beer in those 6 packs is fresh from our tanks and ready to be enjoyed.  

How can I be sure? 

Good follow up question.  If you have any concerns about the freshness of the beer, there is a date code or “packaged on” date stamped on the side of every 6 pack carton.  We recommend enjoying the Irish Death within 3 months of that date, though in a cold and controlled environment it can last longer than that.   

If you have any concerns about the freshness of the product in your fridge, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with where and when it was purchased. 

Where am I likely to find these 6 packs?

Preliminary information is showing that they are most likely to be found in grocery stores in WA, ID, OR, and MT.

Will this happen again?

This exact issue?  No.  Those 6 pack cartons were the last ones in existence.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.  #collectorsitem

Something like this?  Maybe. But would we rather be a small business that supports teamwork and the creative problem solving necessary to succeed together than a factory full of robots?  Yes.    

Speaking of which, throughout the last few months our production team has been burning the candle at both ends to build up our inventory of cans.  Not only to meet the demand in the market but to create a buffer so we can install a high capacity canner.  More information on that is coming soon.  

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