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Forget Everything We Ever Said

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Forget Everything We Ever Said


Remember all of those posts about [the new pub on pearl], [ the bark ], and [ the shed ]?    Neither do we.

We got tired of putting our feet directly in our mouths, so we took a different path with this newest project.

The beer park is still getting explored, but in the meantime, we knew we HAD TO FIND A WAY TO HAVE PINTS WITH OUR FRIENDS AGAIN.   Does that come across as shouting?  It does a little.

As of two days ago, we have the permits we need to begin demolition of the space formerly known as the downstairs offices at iron horse brewery so that we can turn it into the [the tasting room 2.0 ] at Iron Horse Brewery.   Official name still TBD.

Don’t believe us?  We don’t blame you.  We took video proof.  Feel free to nerd out and inspect the exif data if you want.  

So many questions, right?

For those that were around, this may feel like a repeat of 2007 when the original tasting room was created because “our customers want a place to drink beer with us”.  That’s a quote I feel like Greg said just a few hours ago.  I’m running with it.

Here’s what we know, in ordinal list form.


  1. The kitchen and offices are gone.
  2. Yes, this located at the production facility.
  3. Seating capacity will be up to 49 people.
  4. The square footage of TR2 will be ~750 sf.
  5. We are back to you bringing your own snacks.
  6. We HOPE to be serving customer again within 9 weeks from the date of this post.
  7. Hours and days are still TBD, but will definitely be after 3:30 in general.
  8. If all else fails, we will turn this into a shared co-working space where you can rent by the half hour and includes a pint of iron horse beer.   just kidding to those who make decisions that could impact items #1 through 7.

    We will be sharing progress on this project as changes happen. 
    Until then, have a pint of Irish Death and wish us luck.

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