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Where Are They Now: Karina Mohan

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Where Are They Now: Karina Mohan


Time for the next former employee feature where we highlight one of our fine cousins (what we call our employees) who has left us and moved on to a new place in their working life.

Name: Karina Mohan

Iron Horse Brewery: Position at Iron Horse Brewery?
Karina Mohan: Brewer/ Former taproom server
IHB: You forgot to mention that you have experience recreating iconic album covers.

IHB: What years did you work at IHB?
KM: 2015-2017
IHB: Yes, you’re correct.

IHB: What is your favorite IHB beer?
KM: Koytus (hehehe insert creepy laugh here)
IHB: Koytus is unavoidable when hops and oats come together, so we avoided making that happen and koytus is no more.

IHB: Where do you work now?
KM: I work for Fifty Fifty Brewing Company in Truckee, California.
IHB: We hope you get fifty/fifty of the profits.

IHB: What do you do at Fifty Fifty Brewing Company?
KM: My job title is Brewer but it’s a small company so everyone wears many hats. I get to brew, cellar, work with barrels, go to promotional events and oversee quality. Oh and also clean. Can’t forget cleaning.
IHB: So you are the person who gets “things” done. And also the night janitor.

IHB: How are you doing better now that you’ve moved on from IHB?
KM: Yesterday, I went hiking before work. Truckee has so many great trails and outdoor activities #visittruckee. I keep trying to get the chamber of commerce to pay me for the endorsements. Also, I am closer to family now so I’ve really enjoyed getting to reconnect with them.
IHB: When you use the buzzword “family” we can’t even argue with that. We will argue that we have great trails in Kittitas County too. 

IHB: Is there one thing that working at Iron Horse Brewery helped you to get where you are now? Conversely, how did we ruin things for you?
KM: Iron Horse gave me the opportunity to become a brewer and helped me confirm that it is an industry and a community that I undoubtedly want to be a part of. It ruined things for me because have subscribed to a life of dry/cracked hands #UseOkeefe’sWorkingHands. If the brewing thing doesn’t pan out maybe Okeefe’s will sponsor me.
IHB: We didn’t teach you to use hashtags this much though.

IHB: What is your favorite mythical creature?
KM: Do gnomes count? They just really seem to have their priorities straight. They are humble and have a nature oriented existence that I really resonate with.
IHB: We don’t gnome if they count, but we agree that hanging with your gnomies would be a chill experience.

IHB: What is your most memorable moment at IHB?
KM: Honestly, I look back at my time there fondly. I made so many valuable friendships and got to know some talented individuals. Shout out to my homegirlz at the pub and production crew! That being said, shooting Ross with a super-soaker multiple times for our brand guide photo shoot was pretty memorable!
IHB: We liked that time you wrote this blog so we had 11 beer + summer activity pairings to enjoy.

IHB: On a scale of 1 to 10.3 how much do you miss working at Iron Horse?  
KM: I think a more accurate unconventional scale would be: On a scale of Megan Fox in the beginning of Transformers 2 to Ryan Gosling in the end of The Notebook, how much do you miss working at Iron Horse? Definitely a Ryan Gosling.

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